Training Both ends of the leash

Becoming a Dog Trainer

Becoming a Dog Trainer

How To Become A Dog Trainer?

I would love to share with you how, after 27 years as a retired Paramedic and ER nurse, I am now following my passion as a dog trainer.

Jaycee the Rescue Dog

It all started about 20 years ago, when I rescued my beloved Labrador Mix, named Jaycee. It was soon after I brought Jaycee home, I said to myself, “what did I get myself into?!” I was so frustrated and annoyed. I realized the only option I had to save our relationship was to hire a professional trainer to teach Jaycee some type of control.

Obedience Training

It was through that dog obedience training that Jaycee and I became partners for life. We developed a bond through obedience, which I never achieved with any of my previous dogs. Once she learned obedience, she learned it was “OK” to look to me for guidance. This relieved all the stress and chaos in her life. Jaycee’s stress caused her anxiety, which lead to hyperactive and annoying behavior.

The Well-Mannered Dog

Through obedience, she became a confident, relaxed, and well-mannered dog who learned to enjoy life. It was through that experience, I knew I wanted to eventually work with dogs and their owners. Throughout the years, I continued to train my own dogs, as well as assist with training with various working dog clubs. It wasn’t until I decided to retire from my career to take my passion to the next level.

Starting A Dog Training Business

I knew that if I was serious about my small business venture, I had the responsibility to thoroughly educate myself in all aspects of dog training. In the dog training world, there are so many approaches, opinions and theories on how to train dogs it becomes a confusing mess. I realized the only way to diversify my knowledge was to expose myself to the different approaches and personally train with respected and skillful trainers in the industry.

My Customized Training Approach

I wanted to treat each dog, and their owners, as individuals, avoiding the narrow-minded “one size fits all” approach. Just like people, all dogs have their own personalities, genetics and character traits. This makes their ability to learn differently. As a trainer having the ability to develop an individualized training approach is imperative!

I have since had the awesome experience of attending The Michael Ellis School for dog trainers. Michael is a driving force in the industry with the reward-based approach. I later graduated from the Masters Training Course, and received my professional dog trainer certification at the National K9 School for Dog trainers in Ohio. By attending both of these schools, I was exposed to the two main approaches in dog training. This gave me the ability to learn how to combine these approaches and develop a well-balanced and diversified training approach for you and your dog. The key is to find the right approach for the right dog!

I would love to have the opportunity and privilege to work with you and your canine partner.

A professional dog trainer is the key to success in establishing training on Both Ends Of The Leash. For help with your new arrival, contact us.

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