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Bringing Your Puppy Home And Developing A Confident Dog

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in Professional Dog trainer, Puppies

How To Develop A Well-adjusted, Confident Dog How exciting! You have decided to welcome a furry bundle of cuteness into your family. This will be a fulfilling journey, but will require effort, time, patience and dedication. It is a huge commitment and responsibility to develop your puppy into a well-adjusted and confident dog. This commitment will give your puppy the best chance to grow up without behavior problems and live happy in a human world. I could talk about puppies extensively; however, it would take a much more lengthy discussion. But, below are just a few tips, which may help you focus on some critical aspects of your puppy’s developmental needs. Socialization Start socializing your puppy as soon as you bring him home. The earlier the better! However, avoid over stimulating your puppy, but get him out slowly, and...

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