Training Both ends of the leash

The Leash Correction

Posted by on Dec 24, 2014 in Leash Training, The Leash Correction

A SENSITIVE SUBJECT, “THE CORRECTION”, Especially The Leash Correction The utilization of corrections in dog training is a sensitive subject amongst dog owners and the purely positive community of dog trainers.  It is my belief people avoid the use and discussion of corrections because it is misunderstood. When something isn’t thoroughly understood, it is easier to avoid it and view it as a negative approach.  It is more acceptable to say you are a purely positive dog trainer because it is easier to sell your training.  Most dog owners want to hear their dog is going to feel warm and fuzzy and get treats during his training process. THE REAL TRUTH The real truth is consequences and corrections are a part of our daily lives.  Experiencing consequences for actions or behaviors is an excellent way of learning.  I know for myself when...

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The Importance Of The Leash

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Leash Training, Professional Dog trainer, The Leash Correction

The first thing most people excitedly buy for a new dog or puppy is a leash. The dog, however, is usually not so impressed with the purchase. Puppy’s First Leash Walk Proud new owners usually can’t wait to take their new arrival for that first walk. They are sure this walk will bring closeness with their new four-legged pal. Everyone who sees them, they reason, will desire to have such a furry friend like theirs. To their disappointment, within the first few seconds, they realize that the walk wasn’t what they were expecting. This cute new arrival somehow has changed. She has now become an out-of-control lunatic on the end of the leash. The long awaited walk has become an exhausting frightful event. Different Expectations Humans somehow believe that a dog is going to enjoy a leashed walk, that...

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