Training Both ends of the leash

Free Feeding

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Training Approach

The disadvantages of Free Feeding Leaving a huge bowl of food out for a dog to eat whenever it wants is called free feeding. Free feeding your dog is a huge mistake.  People tend to adopt this practice for the sake of convenience, as well as believing they are doing their dog a favor by having plenty of food available at all times.  However, with free feeding there are many disadvantages and poor outcomes for this type of feeding practice. Some problems associated with free feeding are: Dogs will over eat if food is left down all throughout the day.  Even if the dog is not hungry, he will continue to snack. A loss of appetite is one of the first indicators your dog may be getting sick. It is more difficult to pick up on this if your dog...

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Becoming a Dog Trainer

Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Professional Dog trainer, Training Approach

How To Become A Dog Trainer? I would love to share with you how, after 27 years as a retired Paramedic and ER nurse, I am now following my passion as a dog trainer. Jaycee the Rescue Dog It all started about 20 years ago, when I rescued my beloved Labrador Mix, named Jaycee. It was soon after I brought Jaycee home, I said to myself, “what did I get myself into?!” I was so frustrated and annoyed. I realized the only option I had to save our relationship was to hire a professional trainer to teach Jaycee some type of control. Obedience Training It was through that dog obedience training that Jaycee and I became partners for life. We developed a bond through obedience, which I never achieved with any of my previous dogs. Once she learned obedience,...

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