Training Both ends of the leash

Nose Work

Nosework is a relativity new dog sport that is gaining a lot of momentum in the past several years.  This concept of nosework as a dog sport began on the west coast and is growing rapidly across the country. Right now, there are two organization in which people can trial in.   The basic concept of the sport is that the average household pet can be trained to be a detector dog that will alert to legal odors. The best thing about this sport is any breed of dog, size and temperament can easily be trained to compete in nosework trials.  We will teach you and your dog to work as a team in this fun sport.

Don’t worry your dog does not have to have any prior obedience training to do nosework.  Nosework training is 100% motivational training. There are absolutely no corrections at any level of the work, it’s just fun time with your dog.  Most dogs are capable of competing in trials.  Trialing in nosework, can lead to titles, such as Nosework 1, Nosework 2, Nosework 3, and Elite levels.

Our training program is the same training that we would use to train narcotic detection dogs or explosive dogs.  The program can take a pet dog that would never be able to be trained as a police service dog or a working dog but can become a very good nosework competitors. In fact we see dogs with environmental, social behavioral problems and other issues become very good at doing nosework.

What makes us different from other trainers?

We fully understand how the dog’s cognitive brain works and how it is linked to their amazing and remarkable nose.  Our system utilizes the dog’s extraordinary sense of smell to our advantage.  While other systems can take up to several months to years to have a dog on various odors, our system takes a lot less time.  Once the dog is dialed in on the target odors we begin preparing you for the Nosework sport.

As professional trainers our job is to train you and your dog to a level that you can work as a team.  This means you will be independent and confident.  So, if you choose to continue training on your own, you can be quite successful.   Our system saves you time and money.

Dog trainer,Terri Hill working with her dog “Liam” in nosework at the Complete Control K9 Academy, in Hampstead. Liam is a mix breed adopted from a shelter in Baltimore. Photo by Bill Ryan