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What is Nose Work

What is Nose Work?

Nose work is a fun approach to search and scent detection. It is an activity, which is suitable for all dogs and people. Nose work is designed to help pet dogs explore their natural hunting instincts, learn problem solving strategies, build confidence and have fun while they develop these skills. Your dog will build a solid foundation for scent and detection work. As your dog develops his skill, you will have the opportunity to go on to compete in searching for target odors in competitive environment. For specifics on K9 Nosework competition, refer to Nose work encourages your dog to get excited about using his nose to find a target source. This will then develop and mature your dog’s confident to search and detect target odors.
If you are looking for a fun, non-stressful sport for you and your dog to work as a team, this is it! Call for information regarding Nose work, or to register for one of our informational sessions at 410-458-5749. Or contact us through our website page.