Training Both ends of the leash

What To Look For In A Professional Dog Trainer

Choosing A Professional Dog Trainer

When choosing a professional dog trainer, do your research before agreeing to allow the trainer to work with you and your dog.  The steps below will guide you in your search for the right trainer.

  • Research the trainer’s credentials, education and experience.  Many professional dog trainers attend professional training schools and earn credentials by demonstrating their knowledge, competencies and experience in dog training.
  • Take time to interview the trainer prior to your decision.  Have the trainer describe their approach and philosophy of their training.  The professional dog trainer should always be informed of current knowledge and practice in the field of dog training.  They should be familiar and knowledgeable with the latest, most effective training techniques and equipment used in dog training.
  • Ask for referrals of previous clients.
  • Ask to meet their personal dog.  Have them demonstrate their own dog’s obedience ability.
  • A professional trainer should be open minded, diversified and balanced.  They should have the ability and knowledge to approach your dog as an individual.
  • Avoid the trainer who have knowledge in only one training approach, and are too narrow minded to research and be skilled in all training styles.  Dog training is not a one size fits all approach.
  • Look for trainers who are members of professional canine organizations.  Members of the IACP, International Association of Canine Professionals are required to achieve certain criteria before becoming a member.  Look to these types of organizations for recommendations.

Can’t Decide

If you just can’t decide if a professional trainer can help, just call and talk to them.  Find out what the charge is, what are their type of training methods, how long it takes to train a dog with typical behavior issues, what’s the best option and approach for training your dog.  It’s always best to ask questions when you are looking for a dog trainer.

A professional dog trainer is the key to success in establishing training on Both Ends Of The Leash. For help, contact us.

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